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Isha Bel has started 2024 with some Soul Fire Reggae Music. 3 new projects  spanning 3 countries in Europe UK France Switzerland . Dive into Higrade Vibration .Scroll across to know more

Watch Anuh Man Way Video on Reggaeville

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About Me

When Words Fail
Music Speaks

Isha Bel is a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Hailing from East Kingston Jamaica Isha bel music draws from her upbringing. With a sound that is both raw and soulful, she has captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Her powerful, metallic vocals and dynamic stage presence are a reflection of her passion and her commitment to her craft. Isha's songs are thought-provoking and inspiring, exploring themes of love, justice, and the human experience. She is a true artist, and her music is a testament to her timeless talent and vision.

Isha Bel Live 

Live at Original Dancehall thursday

SPLICE.COM collaborates with  Isha Bel

DuB Reggae Ft Isha Bel